Yet another day goes by. You find yourself in the same spot on the couch, looking over at your partner and wondering how you got here.

Is this even the right relationship for me? How do other couples make it look so easy?

You scroll through social media examining all your friends’ posts about the wonderful things their partners do for them. Your partner doesn’t even make eye contact when talking. And yet, there you are – posting your own “update” stating “spending quality time with my partner. Great way to end the day!”

Wow. Something has to change. You can’t go on like this. But where do you begin? This is an internal dialogue many partners have. The relationship dynamics have somehow shifted and it’s not like it was when you first met. If you have children, this shift is even more intense.

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Boundary Issues (including “codependency”)
Difficulties with connecting
Couples counseling for people with addictions and/or eating disorders
Couples counseling for fertility, parents to be, and new parents
Changes in relationships

By using the Gottman Method model and other effective modalities, we work with couples to help them reconnect and experience more feelings of “like it used to be” – and often even better.

Communication is increased and more effective. You have more motivation and enthusiasm to put into the relationship, so you feel more compassion and empathy towards your partner, even if they say or do something you don’t agree with or like. You can finally stop worrying about what other couples are doing and be more present in your own relationship.

Areas of Focus

  • How to deal with frequent arguments and disagreements
  • Improving effective communication
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Increasing intimacy/connection
  • Family planning/infertility
  • Preparing for the birth of a new baby and postpartum
  • Infidelity

We work with many couples where one partner is in recovery from alcoholism, substance use and/or an eating disorder. Our approach in these circumstances often focus on identification of these addictions as the “other person” in that partner’s life, and to learn ways to rebuild trust.

Is your partner not on board with going to couples counseling? Come on your own! We can tailor our approach to assist with making any necessary changes on your end. Sometimes exploring and setting new boundaries can help lead a person down a path of new goals and change.

More about the Gottman Method

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a research-based therapeutic model for facilitating couples therapy and was developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Specific assessments and interventions are utilized to provide an individualized, yet structured approach to helping clients in making their relationships work.

The Gottmans’ began their research in the 1970’s through observation of couples’ interactions in their research lab. Along with a team of experts, they developed a coding system to determine what dynamics and characteristics let to sustained marriages, and what led to divorce. Using this knowledge, formal assessments and interventions were constructed and thoroughly researched to develop an extensive training program for therapists to use with the couples they see. As stated, the treatment plan is unique to each couple, however, the goals are centered around a basic core of all relationships, called the Sound Relationship House.


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