Your child can thrive, and you can be a great parent to them. Parenting is a challenge, and there is no shame in your asking for help!

More than anything, you want your child to be safe, happy, and successful.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development outlines the responsibilities of parents as:

  • Keeping children from harm
  • Spending quality time and listening to them
  • Providing affection, structure, and consistency
  • Setting and enforcing limits
  • Monitoring friendships
  • Seeking help for any medical, developmental, or behavioral concerns

These are likely responsibilities that you are already fulfilling for your child. Even so, you may be feeling like there is more that you could do.

Maybe this is a general feeling, or maybe it’s due to specific challenges you are having with your child. Either way, your concern will only be made stronger by comparing yourself to other parents.

But the nature of parenting is that it’s not “one size fits all.” Countless books, articles, and blog posts have been written on the topic. And they all suggest different tips and tricks, making you feel like you’re always missing a key step.

Challenges of parenting

As your children grow up, there are countless issues you might face as a parent. Some may be more focused on you and your own challenges, such as:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Providing consistency
  • Maintaining marriage and friendships

And some issues may be specifically related to your child’s behavior (and your responses), such as:

  • Social issues (difficulties making friends)
  • Screen time overuse
  • Refusal to eat healthy foods
  • Avoiding homework and chores
  • Frequent complaining or anger (provoking tantrums and general defiance)

Parenting counseling

It’s important to ensure you are the best parent possible to your child. And in order to do so, you must maintain a willingness to make changes and improvements to your parenting style.

But you must also acknowledge that this process will be unique to you and your family. Comparing yourself to other parents will only lead to frustration. In the journey of improving your parenting, counseling is key.

Addressing parenting concerns in therapy

The goal of parenting counseling is to provide you the support you need in all aspects of parenting. No matter your challenges, and whatever the sources, our therapists will guide you through them.

Therapy is especially important when your family is going through a big change. That could be an illness in the family, losing a job, moving, or many other events. During these times, having a support system you can rely on is vital. And your therapist can provide that.

You will be given the personalized tools and knowledge you need in order to be the best parent for your child. Remember that asking for help does not make you any less of a parent. In fact, it only further cements your devotion to your children.


Seeking to improve your parenting is selfless and admirable.

If you know you are struggling, and your own support system is limited, therapy can provide you with the foundation you need.

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