You are not alone in your struggles. And accepting the support of others through group counseling will help you in your path towards recovery.

Whether you are struggling with body image issues, a mental health disorder, or any number of issues, you may feel isolated. When going through a challenging time, it’s all too easy to feel like you are the only one dealing with your particular struggles.

But while your exact experiences will always be unique to you, there are still many people who can relate to aspects of what you’re going through. And those people likely feel alone as well.

Group counseling is an ideal environment to hear from others with similar life experiences. You will have the space to hear their stories, and share your own. And you can help each other look at your similar circumstances in a new light.

Generally, you will have a choice between support and therapy groups. Support groups are usually more educational, and do not need to be led by a licensed therapist. Therapy groups do need a licensed therapist leading, and often deal with complex emotional processing.

If you are already seeing a therapist one on one, they can help you decide what would work best for you. Both support and therapy groups offer a place to explore common ground. Choosing a group is ultimately dependent on your personal needs.

You have a wide variety of groups to choose from at Bricolage Wellness:

DBT Skills Group

Our DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) skills group will walk you through the four central skills of DBT: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Being in a group allows you to learn and use these skills in practical applications.

Free Support Group for College Students

This free support group provides mental health resources, to help you work through the issues that many college students face. College is a stressful time for many people. This group will allow you to share your experiences, and work through that stress together.

Support Group for ADHD Adults Working From Home

Working from home can be difficult, especially for adults with ADHD. The lack of structure provided by an office environment can make it very hard to stay on task. This group will teach you various applicable skills, which will enable you to create structure in your work life.

Support Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, you may feel cut off from most other parents. This support group will give you a space to process your feelings and frustrations, as well as connect with other parents who share similar experiences.

Body Image Process Group 

This group utilizes the HAES (Health At Every Size) principles, which include: weight inclusivity, health enhancement, respectful care, eating for well-being, and life-enhancing movement. All body types deserve dignity, and in this group, you will be able to connect with others who can relate to your own insecurities.

Intuitive Eating Course

In this group, you will learn the distinction between physical and emotional hunger, and become familiar with your own body signals, without imposing a diet on yourself. The core idea is that you should be eating when you feel hungry, and stopping when you feel full. But this does not come naturally to many people. Your group will develop these skills together.

Wellness Coaching, Yoga, and Zumba Classes

You can also choose from a variety of wellness classes, all of which welcome people in bigger bodies. 

More virtual groups coming soon!

No matter your personal struggles, you are not alone. In group counseling, we hope to provide a space for you and others to work through challenges together, and lean on each other for the support you deserve.

Current Groups Offered at Bricolage Wellness

If you have a topic of interest you would like to see implemented, contact us and let us know.

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