You have the ability to guide your family planning with your partner.

You can make the right decisions for you and your family. And we will help you feel confident as you do!

In all the uncertainty, here is what you know: You want to decide what your family will look like with your partner. You want to be open with them in talking about birth control options. And you want to be prepared for pregnancy if it should happen, and not be blindsided. 

But these things are all easier said than done. How do you even start those conversations? What are your options, and best solutions?

What is family planning?

The purpose of family planning is to give you the tools to make informed decisions.

Specifically: when, if, and how you would like to go about having children. These tools involve both counseling and birth control.

Maybe you are trying to avoid pregnancy, even if it’s just for the time being. Maybe you are trying to get pregnant, but having fertility issues. Maybe you are deciding whether you want to adopt, and are not sure where to start. Family planning calls for these important conversations. We are here to help guide those discussions. We want to set you on the best path for you and your partner, taking into account your personal circumstances.

Types of family planning

Is your goal to get pregnant as soon as possible? Or are you looking to prevent it?
Either way, several birth control options can help in the process of family planning:

Long-acting reversible birth control (LARC)

The most dependable type of birth control. Once in place, it works on its own. Your daily routine will be unchanged.

Hormonal birth control

Involves pills or injections that use hormones to stop pregnancy. This requires daily usage for the pills, and once every three months for the injections. This is still very effective, though it requires more mindfulness from you.

Barrier birth control

Barrier methods, such as condoms, are also effective. Like pills, though, they require mindfulness.

Natural birth control

You can also choose a natural approach. We will help you identify the times of the month when you are able to get pregnant, and when you are not. This will allow you to plan accordingly. You and your partner will need to avoid intercourse at specific times. And this timing will depend on whether you want to get pregnant or not. Of course, natural family planning requires the greatest amount of diligence of these options. 

Permanent birth control

Very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse. It involves a vasectomy or tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy permanently.

These options are all worth giving plenty of thought and having honest discussions between you and your partner.

It is a difficult series of decisions to make. But we will guide you through the whole process!

We will keep in mind all aspects of these very personal decisions. There are so many circumstances at play: age, culture, and socioeconomics, just to name a few. We are here to support you in all of these. We will provide a safe space to discuss what you and your partner want for your life together as a family.

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