How can I improve emotional connection with my partner? What causes lack of emotional connection? What does it mean to be emotionally disconnected? Can a marriage survive without emotional intimacy?

You can reconnect with your partner. Emotional intimacy is not lost to you, and with time and care, you will find it again.

Emotionally disconnected

You and your partner are drifting apart. Maybe you have both been distracted with work and raising kids, and you’ve been struggling to find time to be in the same room together, let alone connect on a deeper level.

Or maybe you’re not entirely sure why you’re drifting apart, but you feel it. The loneliness and lack of intimacy stand out to you, and you worry if this spells the end of your relationship.

You want to reconnect to your partner, but whether you know the source of the emotional distance or not, you will likely be unsure of where to start. The patterns of disconnection that you’ve developed as a couple feel set in stone.

Relationship counseling

This is where couples counseling comes into play. When you are in the thick of a disconnected relationship, you may not be able to see the details, or identify the causes. Having an objective third party can help tremendously.

The first step is to identify the source of the disconnect. Is one partner pulling away more than the other? Are both of you feeling that there’s not enough time in your schedules to see each other? Or maybe one partner feels that the other is putting too much emphasis on physical intimacy rather than emotional?

Of course, this can only be determined by open, honest conversation. Your counseling with us will facilitate this. Your therapist can help you and your partner open up, and find the source of your emotional distance.

Reconnecting with your partner

Ultimately, your relationship may survive without emotional connection. But it will feel like a struggle, rather than the support system that it should be. You and your partner will not be happy with each other unless that emotional intimacy is there.

While that may sound discouraging, it is very possible to rediscover emotional intimacy with your partner. The initial spark that brought you together may have faded, but that doesn’t mean the connection is gone. It simply has become more of a choice.

Or rather, a series of small choices, every day. Once you have identified where your disconnect came from, then begins the process of choosing to make the necessary changes to fix it. But don’t look at this as one giant change that needs to be made.

Next Steps

Your therapist will help you and your partner identify small, vital changes to make in your daily lives. Some possibilities include:

  • Engaging in genuine discussion about each others’ days
  • Actively listening, and responding
  • Aligning schedules to allow for time together
  • Verbalizing your love and appreciation more regularly
  • Sharing your frustrations, rather than bottling them up

Seemingly simple behavioral changes such as these are key. And while you shouldn’t expect improvement in your emotional connection overnight, therapy and communication can put you on the right path.


Your relationship can flourish when given the time and attention it deserves.

And we will provide a safe space for you to initiate the changes you need.

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