Our connections with other people are so important for us to live an enjoyable and healthy life.

Sometimes, people may get too involved in what we are doing, or try to control us. Or, maybe you find yourself trying to dictate what others do or shouldn’t do. Have you been accused of being “codependent” in your relationships?

Sound familiar? Maybe one of these scenarios reflect your relationship with a parent, child, sibling, partner, friend, or work colleague.

We know what we need and want in these relationships, but it can be hard to communicate. Setting limits is a part of healthy relationships, and setting these limits will make our relationships feel more complete.

When we set boundaries or other people have set boundaries with us, we will start to see changes in all areas of life and relationships. Sometimes these changes may be helpful, and other times they may not. All too often, people are afraid to let others know what is needed to feel comfortable, emotionally/physically safe and fulfilled. Often times, boundaries are avoided or overstepped due to fear of:

  • Making someone angry
  • Disappointing someone we love and/or respect 
  • Being labeled “difficult” or “selfish” or “mean”
  • Ruining relationships
  • Losing our jobs

This may happen with some people in your life, but when you set boundaries, you also will experience some positive changes. Setting boundaries for yourself and in your relationships, as well as respecting boundaries of others can also result in:

  • Respecting each other’s individuality
  • Building closeness and trust in relationships with friends and family
  • Feeling freedom to do what you like to do without including one another
  • Expressing emotions without fear of consequences
  • Showing Interest in one another’s activities
  • Having the option of privacy
  • Accepting give and take
  • Talking honestly and fairly when you disagree

At Bricolage Wellness, we will sit with you and listen to what you want and need in your relationships, through exploring your story and your values.

By using evidence-based modalities, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Mindful Self-Compassion, we will help you to validate your own feelings and those of others, as well as effectively communicate with others.

Along the way, you will realize that when you set limits with the people in your life, you are taking care of yourself AND your relationships.

You will learn how to communicate what you need, while taking others’ feelings and needs into consideration.

You will come up with your own way to express yourself while continuing to strengthen your love and respect for those in your life.

Ready to make a change in your relationships? Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about how clinicians at Bricolage Wellness can help you move towards the relationships you desire. 

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