Once again, you find yourself in sitting on the floor in front of the fridge tonight, looking for a way to numb the pain. You have tried so hard to deal with the pressures of everyday life by staying busy, but now that you are home and alone, everything you pushed aside has resurfaced. You feel out of control and helpless. You’re not even hungry, but you “give into” the food. You make the other “stuff” go away, just for the moment, even though you understand it all comes later, even stronger. Maybe one day this will end, but not tonight. It’s a constant cycle of feeling pain, numbing with food and feeling guilty & shameful…then it starts again.

If this sounds familiar, you likely relate to the experiences below. In addition to feeling out of control while eating, you also eat;

  • large quantities of food,
  • in a small amount of time,
  • in secret, and
  • more rapidly.

You feel:

  • physically beyond full,
  • distracted often,
  • embarrassed,
  • lonely,
  • guilty, and
  • shameful.

Bricolage Wellness can help you feel like you are able to acknowledge and regulate the the internal struggles daily. You can break the binge cycle and no longer feel held captive by food and intense emotions.

We help you practice self-compassion and kindness, in order to lessen the shame this eating disorder has accumulated over time. Congruent to our approach, we pair with other wonderful professionals in the community, such as registered dieticians, to provide you with a comprehensive and balanced plan to find the path you value.

You already possess the elements needed for change. We help you find them and explore the path to new beginnings.

Can you imagine a living life you enjoy? Picture it. Sitting in the chair on your porch listening to the birds chirping, without feeling distressed by your thoughts. Resume your connections with others, by going out and having fun. Join your colleagues after work for dinner. No longer plan your day around food. Meet with us today in any one of our offices in Chicago-Lakeview, Yorkville or Lombard, and begin to explore the possibilities.

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